Witty wordsmith.

Relaxed male celebrant.

(yes, the same ‘Jake’, just slightly better dressed)

Jake Newell is a name (and rugged head) many in the wedding industry will recognise.

For about a decade Jake’s been attending wedding ceremonies. And from his enlightened position as the day’s musician, he’s seen the good, the not-so good, and down right cringe/facepalm worthy.

And before Jake was a full-time wedding musician, he was a writer. Yep, an employed, published and paid penner of prose. So… seems kinda natural, don’t you think, that writing non-boring wedding ceremony scripts should be a thing he does?

Well he’s nearly finished his course and, from the start of 2020, should (we’re counting on you, Australian Government) be a fully qualified civil marriage celebrant [for the legal record, Jake Newell is not yet one of those] – hurrah!

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