Chilled vibes.

Baby-bum smooth.

An excellent vocalist who plays a mean rhythm and/or lead guitar. Dan’s a perfectionist – the good kind – and yet has still never met a song request he couldn’t accomodate. His versatile style perfectly suits the changing mood of a wedding. From stripped-back, sweet and subtle at the ceremony, to stomping, anthemic rhythms as the event vibe evolves. He’s a bit of a gear guru too, which means his live sound is always spot-on.

  1. Classics Police, Stevie Wonder 1:18
  2. Contemporary Ed Sheeran, James Arthur 1:32
  3. Modern Amy Winehouse, Top Loader, John Mayer, Killers 2:48

6 years


John Mayer, Frank Ocean, Santana

Faves to play

Killers, Nelly, Ed Sheeran


All Day