What can’t he do?

Guitar, vocals, beatbox…

If he wasn’t so easy to love, he’d be a cinch to hate. Coop’s one of the humblest, yet most naturally talented musicians you’re likely to meet. And his natural-ness doesn’t end there. His groove comes from a deep down place, and his voice is earthy and rich. Coop is an accomplished guitarist (both technically, and figuratively), comfortable playing every genre from technical blues to stripped-back Jack Johnson covers. He also beatboxes, plays the ukulele, tinkers on the ivories and is a competent percussionist. Like we said, if the Fam didn’t love him so much we’d hate his guts.

  1. Aint No Sunshine Bill Withers 1:32
  2. Drive Incubus 1:30
  3. Heaven Ziggy Alberts 2:05
  4. I'm Yours Jason Mraz 2:01
  5. Soul To Squeeze Red Hot Chili Peppers 1:37

8 years


John Mayer, Jack Johnson, RHCP

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John Mayer, Jack Johnson, RHCP


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