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The General Need-To-Knows:

Not always, but sometimes these things need to be s-p-e-l-l-e-d out.



We request that your WEDDING DAY/EVENT INFO SHEET is returned, completed, no less than thirty (30) days prior to your wedding/event date. Of course we except them later than that (hand it to us on the day, if you’re that relaxed about it) but the later we receive it, the more likely we are to deny a specific request. We hate doing that.



Live Music;While we always make every attempt to accommodate new song requests, we reserve the right to deny those that, a) We deem inappropriate for our style/sound/configuration etc. Or, b) If a suitable amount of notice/warning/rehearsal time has not been given (ie. minimum 30 days – potentially longer during peak times).


We appreciate the same period of notice for all ‘live’ song requests (not just the new additions to our set-list). Even if a song is listed on our supplied playlist, there’s a chance we haven’t physically performed it live for some time, and we may require some rehearsal/re-acquaintance.


Recorded/Cued Music;If a song that you would like us to cue for one of your day’s formalities is particularly obscure (or only available on youtube, etc), please ensure we have at least 7 days notice of its requirement to ensure we can source and/or convert into the format we require.


If the song you require us to cue is readily available on major music streaming platforms or for purchase on iTunes, we are happy to receive last minute changes right up until the morning of your event (though we’re sure there’ll be one or two other things you could be occupying your thoughts with at that late stage).



We can be pretty compact, but we still like a little elbow room if possible. Here’s a rough guide for space required for each of our potential configurations/set-ups. Note that we absolutely try our best to shape-shift and suit all venues, but this is a rough guide for minimums to accommodate playing position & all require equipment.


Configuration: Approx. Minimum Area Dimensions

Soloist: 2m frontage x 1.5m depth

Duo: 2.5m x 1.5m

Live Duo + DJ: 3m x 3m

DJ (only): 2m x 2m



With the exception of pre-arranged, smaller ceremonies (40 guests or fewer), we do not perform ‘unplugged’. We are able to perform at wedding ceremonies and cocktail hour without power (2-3hrs max). But time is limited, and we wouldn’t like to gamble with battery life lasting the length of your entire day. As a general rule, we require access to a reliable and stable power supply.



We require ‘protection from the elements’ over-head.

Due to the thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment, we do not play in (even ‘light’) rain. Most weddings and events require that we bring a large amount of equipment, and this equipment takes time to set-up and pack-down, so if there is a chance of wet weather (even if rain is only a minimal chance, and it’s just for a short ceremony), we require weatherproof shelter. If no shelter is provided, we may have to devise a ‘Plan B’ to supply this portion of your event with music – ie. amplify pre-recorded playlist.

By the same token, if you’re blessed with perfect, mid-Summer, blue skies, our bodies and our equipment could well be baking in the sun for hours. So again, some form of shade/shelter would be greatly appreciated.



If you are happy to provide us with a meal and some refreshing beverages we would be most appreciative. Although it is frequently considered an ‘industry standard’, we do not make this as a compulsory requirement. If you are unable to supply us with food and drinks, please let us know prior to our arrival, and we’ll prepare and bring our own form of sustenance (we’re generally 10+hrs on the ‘job site’, after all).

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Thank you for choosing J&A Events to provide the Services. These Terms & Conditions form the basis on which J&A Events will undertake Events & Entertainment Services. This may be supplemented by special Terms & Conditions, definitions of Services and/or Scope of Work and details of Fees & Expense Charges.


Upon commencement of the Services:

a).  You appoint J&A Events as your Provider of the Services; and
b).  J&A Events accepts its appointment as a Provider and agrees to provide the Services to you, on the terms set out in the Quote/Proposal.



Application of Terms & Conditions
Unless otherwise stated these Terms & Conditions apply to and form part of all Engagements by J&A Events, whether a printed version of these Terms and Conditions has been provided to You by J&A Events or whether You have viewed them on the J&A Events and Jake & Andy websites located at and

Modification of Terms & Conditions

J&A Events may modify the Terms & Conditions at any time on 30 days notice to You and such modifications shall be effective at the expiry of the notice period. The most current version of the Terms & Conditions can be reviewed by clicking on the “Terms & Conditions” hypertext link located at the bottom of the J&A Events and Jake & Andy web sites, located at and



“Client” means the Person, the Company or Corporate Body/Group together with any Subsidiary or associated Company as defined by the relevant laws of Australia.
“Engagement” means the agreement between J&A Events and a Client whether written or otherwise whereby J&A Events agrees to perform services for the Client and includes these Terms & Conditions.

“Fee” means the fee set out in the Quote/Proposal.
“Party” means a party to this Engagement and “Parties” has a corresponding meaning.
“Person” includes a natural person, body corporate or trust or any other entity capable of entering into an Engagement.

“Proposal” means the Quote or Proposal relating to this Engagement.
“Terms & Conditions” means these terms and conditions and any annexure attached hereto.

“Engagement Date” means the date as agreed between the Parties, on which the service is to be provided.

“We”, “Us” and “J&A Events” means J&A Events or Jake & Andy or its employees, servants, agents or consultants as the case may be. “You” means the Client and includes any servant, agent, employee or consultant of the Client as the case may be and “Your” has a corresponding meaning.



Assignments cancelled less than nine (9) months prior to the scheduled date will be charged at 30% of the agreed fees, including any associated fees deemed as irrecoverable. In most cases this will mean Your deposit is will not be refunded. These charges will be waived if the Client reschedules the assignment on a date available to J&A Events within 30 days of the original cancellation notification.



Where either Party is unable, wholly or in part, by reason of force majeure, to carry out any obligation pursuant to the Engagement, and that Party:
a) gives each other Party prompt notice of that force majeure including reasonable particulars, and, in so far as known, the probable extent to which it will be unable to perform or be delayed in performing that obligation;
b) uses all possible diligence to remove that force majeure as quickly as possible, that obligation is suspended so far as it is affected by force majeure during the continuance of that force majeure and that Party shall be allowed a reasonable extension of time to perform its obligations. If after a period of six months, the force majeure has not ceased, the Parties shall meet in good faith to discuss the situation and endeavour to achieve a mutually satisfactory resolution to the problem. In this Engagement, “force majeure” means an act of God, strike, lockout or other interference with work, war (declared or undeclared), terrorist activities, blockade, disturbance, lightning, fire, earthquake, storm, flood, explosion, governmental or quasi governmental restraint, expropriation, prohibition, intervention, direction or embargo, unavailability or delay in availability of equipment or transport, inability or delay in obtaining governmental or quasi governmental approvals, consents, permits, licenses, authorities or allocations, and any other cause, whether of the kind specifically enumerated above or otherwise which is not reasonably within the control of the party affected.



For Entertainment, J&A Events may substitute an alternative performer if the staff specified are unable to provide the service.

If J&A Events considers it appropriate to do so, it may with the Client’s prior approval, which shall not be unreasonable withheld, engage another Contractor to assist J&A Events in specialist areas. The Client accepts responsibility for all monies payable to such other Contractor.



During the period that J&A Events provides services to You, You shall not directly or indirectly through any associated company employ or enter into any agreement with for the provision of services either as a consultant or independent contractor, or offer any position or employment to any J&A Events employee, whether permanent or contracted. You acknowledge that any breach of this provision will result in substantial damage to J&A Events and You agree that in the event of breach of this provision You will pay to J&A Events by way of liquidated damages, and not as a penalty, a sum equal to the gross annual salary (or remuneration as otherwise determined in the case of contracted employees) for any employee at the rate of pay current at the time of breach.



The items listed below are excluded from the scope of services provided by J&A Events pursuant to the Engagement unless otherwise expressly agreed in the Proposal:
a). J&A Events will make no attempt to ensure compliance with relevant Accounting Standards, tax laws, or proper record keeping.
b)  J&A Events will make no audit or other verification of any data or information You provide to it.
c). Although J&A Events makes every effort to discover weaknesses and potential errors, due to the complex nature of large spreadsheets, it cannot guarantee that its work is free from error



J&A Events’ Fees for services and products are inclusive of GST and are set out in the Quote/Proposal, or as otherwise agreed between the Parties in writing.



Unless otherwise arranged, the balance (total Quote/Proposal amount, less deposit) of Your invoice is payable any time up until the ‘due date’ (30 days prior to agreed date of Engagement).



Interest will be charged on all accounts not paid within forty-five (45) days of the due date indicated on the invoice at the rate of +5% (of total Quote/Proposal amount). Interest will be calculated on a fortnightly (14 day) basis from the due date of the account to the date of payment unless J&A Events agrees to waive the interest claim in writing. Each time interest is raised, an administration fee of $50 will also be applied. J&A Events reserves the right to employ the services of a debt collection agency at its discretion for any account not paid within 90 days of the invoice due date. The Client will be liable for all costs incurred in collecting the outstanding account.



Any potential claim against J&A Events or its staff is limited to the lesser of ten times the total Fees rendered by J&A Events for this assignment, or A$50,000.



The Client shall indemnify J&A Events against all liabilities, claims, costs or expenses (including legal fees and disbursements) incurred by J&A Events in respect of any third party claim which is related to, arises out of, or is in any way associated with the products or services provided by J&A Events, except to the extent that such claims, costs or expenses arise out of the negligent, wrongful or wilful acts or omissions of J&A Events.
You indemnify J&A Events against any Claim:
a). relating to the proper performance by J&A Events of its obligations under this agreement;
b). resulting from Your fraudulent, negligent or unlawful behaviour;
c). relating to the data and other materials provided to J&A Events by You;
d). resulting from a breach of the terms of this agreement by You;
e). resulting from the use of the IP by You; or
f). resulting from Your use or misuse of the Deliverables.



J&A Events retains all rights over the use or reproduction of the intellectual property developed in this assignment until all invoices are paid in full, or otherwise agreed in writing by J&A Events. Except for the ongoing, personal and non-transferable right to use the deliverables resulting from this Engagement, You shall not obtain or be granted any intellectual property rights to any deliverable or material supplied by J&A Events. You shall not take any action by way of copying, disseminating, transmitting, accessing, or use of any system that may infringe or may be inconsistent with the intellectual property rights of J&A Events or its licensors. For the purpose of this clause, intellectual property rights means without limitation, copyright, patent rights, design rights or trade secrets in connection with the deliverables and their source code, or any source code, scripts or interfaces supplied by J&A Events and any methodologies or process involved in the performance of this assignment or any deliverable or materials provided by J&A Events.

You are not permitted to sell or otherwise distribute the applications J&A Events develops for You nor individual components without written authorisation from a Director of J&A Events.



The Client acknowledges that J&A Events owns copyright in all documents prepared by J&A Events and that those documents must not be reproduced, published, copied, distributed or altered in any way without J&A Events’ prior written permission.



During the course of this Engagement, You may provide J&A Events with certain information of a confidential nature to enable it to complete the assignment.
a). J&A Events acknowledges that all written and oral information furnished to it by You and your officers, employees, advisers or agents is valuable and confidential.
b). J&A Events will not use the information except for the purpose of completing this Engagement or subsequent Engagements You may request of it.
c). J&A Events agrees that:
i) J&A Events will not use or disclose any information without prior written consent from You;
ii) J&A Events will only disclose the information on a “need to know” basis to our directors, officers, employees, and professional advisers; and
iii) J&A Events will use its best endeavours to ensure that our directors, officers, employees and professional advisers to whom the information is disclosed comply with the obligations imposed on it
iv). If this Engagement does not proceed for any reason whatsoever, J&A Events will, within 7 days of receipt of a demand from You, return to You or destroy any information supplied by You which is in a physical form and which is in the possession, custody or control of J&A Events.
v). Our obligations under this Engagement do not apply to any information which: (a) J&A Events is required by law or by the listing rules of Australian Stock Exchange Limited to disclose; (b) is in or enters the public domain otherwise than by breach of this Engagement;
(c) is already known to J&A Events; or (d) is acquired by J&A Events from a person who was not under an obligation of confidentiality relating thereto.
vi). J&A Events acknowledges that the value of the confidential information to you may be unique and therefore impractical or difficult to assess in monetary terms. Accordingly if an actual or threatened violation of this Engagement occurs J&A Events will consent to the enforcement of this Engagement by injunctive relief or specific performance without proof of actual damage.
vii). These confidentiality provisions shall expire five years from the date of execution of this Engagement.



You agree that J&A Events may add your organisation’s name to the J&A Events list of Clients for use by J&A Events in sales material. J&A Events agrees not to disclose information about your organisation or cause it to be used as a reference site, without your prior approval.



You may request that J&A Events performs additional services at a future date not contemplated by the Engagement. If this occurs, You may request that J&A Events communicate with You regarding the scope and estimated cost of these additional services. If You do not request an estimate, J&A Events will provide its services to you on a time and materials basis, using the rates set out in the Proposal, as amended by J&A Events from time to time. Engagements for additional services may necessitate that J&A Events issue a separate engagement letter to reflect the obligations of both Parties.



J&A Events may terminate this Engagement, effective immediately, and stop acting for the Client if:
a) The Client does not comply with this Engagement;
b) J&A Events forms the opinion that mutual confidence and trust do not exist between J&A Events and the Client;
c) The Client requires J&A Events to act in an unethical or unlawful manner;
d) Any type of insolvency administrator is appointed in respect of the property or affairs of the Client. These rights are in addition to any other rights of termination in this Engagement or at law. All Fees payable by the Client (whether these have been invoiced or not) will remain payable following termination;
e). J&A Events will use its best endeavours to minimize costs following the receipt of notice of termination or postponement.



This Engagement may not be varied except in writing and with the consent of both Parties save as provided for in this Engagement. J&A Events may send the Client written notice of a variation of this Engagement including any proposed increase in hourly rates and the Client’s continued instruction of J&A Events after the date of receipt of that notice shall constitute the Client’s acceptance of that variation.



In the absence of a further set of terms and conditions, these Terms and Conditions will apply to any future engagement by the Client of J&A Events.


21. LIEN

J&A Events retains ownership of its own files and the contents thereof and is entitled to retain all documents and personal property in its possession provided by the Client until the matter is completed and all the invoices for Fees are paid in full.



The Engagement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Australian law and any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with this Engagement or the breach, termination or invalidity of this Engagement shall be referred to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Supreme Courts of Australia.



J&A Events will take reasonable care in providing the products and services to the Client. If the Client makes a claim against J&A Events for breach of contract and the loss, injury or damage the Client suffers as a result of J&A Events’ negligence and the Client’s negligence, the Client’s claim will be reduced as if the claim was based in negligence to the extent of the Client’s contributory negligence.

All surveys, forecasts and recommendations are made in good faith on the basis of the information before us at that time. Notwithstanding anything herein contained, neither J&A Events nor its Agents are liable for any loss or other consequence arising out of the services rendered by J&A Events.



The Client shall not in any way assign or deal with interests under the Engagement without J&A Events’ prior written consent. Where the Client is a corporation it is deemed to have assigned the Engagement if there is a change in control of the shareholding in the Client.



J&A Events shall not be deemed to have waived any of its rights under the Engagement unless such waiver is in writing.



If a clause or part of a clause can be read in a way that makes it illegal, unenforceable or invalid, but can also be read in a way that makes it legal, enforceable and valid, it must be read in the latter way. If any clause or part of a clause relating to service of documents, security or indemnity is illegal, unenforceable or invalid, that clause or part is to be treated as removed from this Engagement, but the rest of this Engagement is not affected.



All notices which are required to be given under this Engagement shall be in writing and shall be sent to the address of the recipient set out in the Proposal or such other address as the recipient may designate by notice given in accordance with this clause. Any notice may be delivered by hand or by pre- paid letter or email. Any such notice shall be deemed to have been served when delivered (if delivered by hand) or 48 hours after posting (except by pre- paid letter) or on transmission by the sender (if sent by email).



Services will be delivered by a suitably qualified J&A Events representative in accordance with the schedule set out in the Engagement letter.



Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of, relating to or in connection with this contract, including any question regarding its existence, validity or termination, shall be resolved by arbitration in accordance with the ACICA Arbitration Rules. The seat of arbitration shall be Brisbane, Queensland. The language of the arbitration shall be English. The number of arbitrators shall be one. This provision shall not prevent J&A Events from instituting legal action at any time to recover moneys owing by the Client to J&A Events.



If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us through  or so that we can resolve any problems. J&A Events does not provide refunds or returns for the services provided. Any credits approved and due shall be credited to the account to be taken up against future work.



Please refer to the appropriate proposal document. Proposals shall remain valid for 60 days. Subsequent to this time the proposal contents may be subject to revision.